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Southern Mallee Children and Youth Partnership

The Southern Mallee Children and Youth Partnership (SMCYP) has been reinvigorated as a direct result of the recognition that it had a clear alignment with the goals and objectives of the Mallee Children and Youth Area Partnership. 

For several years the local government areas of Gannawarra, Swan Hill and Buloke together with their partnering Local Learning and Employment Networks had been meeting together to maintain relationships developed as part of a previous Department of Education and Training initiative and to explore opportunities to maintain and further develop support for young people in a more collaborative way across the region.

With the support of the Mallee Area Partnership the SMCYP increased its stakeholder engagement and directly began exploring activities and initiatives where the current goodwill and existing relationships would be enablers of new ways to support both vulnerable and all children and young people in the region.

Linking our local work to the strategic work of the Area Partnership by undertaking capacity building initiatives and aligning our work with government reform agendas has enabled us to create opportunities that are locally relevant, and impactful in the lives of children, young people and their families.

As a direct result of the committed work of partners within the SMCYP, numerous initiatives are either completed or well underway including a:

  • Southern Mallee Youth Strategic Plan 2016-2020, 
  • shared Maternal Child Health innovation initiative across the three local governments looking for common approaches and a shared agenda for ‘school readiness‘ and new playgroup strategies supporting more vulnerable  children and families.

For more information contact Jerri Nelson.